Lecinoxoids: Unique, Orally Available Investigational Drugs for Treatment of
Immune-Inflammatory Disorders

VBL’s proprietary Lecinoxoid platform technology comprises a family of orally administered small molecules designed to modulate the body’s inflammatory response. Lecinoxoids are compounds that are structurally and functionally similar to naturally occurring molecules, known as oxidized phospholipids, which have immune modulating anti-inflammatory proprieties. However, unlike the native compounds which are short-lived, the lecinoxoids are chemically designed towards increased stability and potency.

Lecinoxoids have the potential to act through two specific mechanisms:

  1.  The inhibition of cellular signaling cascades associated with the innate immune system, known as toll-like receptor, or TLR, signaling. 
  2.  The inhibition of the migration of monocytes toward chemoattractants present in areas of inflammation.

The lead anti-inflammatory product candidate from our Lecinoxoid platform technology, VB-201, demonstrated proof of concept in a Phase 2 study for vascular inflammation and may show potential for additional indications, including NASH and renal fibrosis.