A novel target for Bi-specific Ab mediated killing of tumor cells
We have previously described motile sperm domain-containing protein 2 (MOSPD2) as essential for breast cancer metastasis in vitro and in vivo In this study, we detected high expression of MOSPD2 in different organ tumors and cancer cells, and subsequently developed CD3xMOSPD2 BiTE, a firstly generated bi-specific antibody that directs killing of MOSPD2...
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Identification of Motile Sperm Domain–Containing Protein 2 as Regulator of Human Monocyte Migration
Binding of chemokines to their cognate receptors on monocytes instigates a cascade of events that directs these cells to migrate to sites of inflammation and cancerous tissues. Although targeting of selected chemokine receptors on monocytes exhibited preclinical efficacy, attempts to translate these studies to the clinic have failed thus far, possibly due to redundancy of the target receptor.
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