VB-111, is a targeted anti-cancer biologic agent that is positioned to potentially treat a wide range of solid tumors indications.




Following successful Phase 2 study, VB-111 was advanced to a Phase 3 trial in rGBM.
GLOBE was a controlled, double-arm, open-label Phase 3 study designed to evaluate our therapeutic candidate VB-111 in combination with bevacizumab (also known as Avastin) in patients with recurrent glioblastoma. 

In March 2018, we announced top-line results from the GLOBE study, which showed that the study did not meet its pre-specified primary endpoint of overall survival (OS) or the secondary endpoint of progression-free survival (PFS). We are still performing analyses on the data from GLOBE study, which we intend to report later this year. 

As a result of the failure of the GLOBE trial to meet its pre-determined endpoints, we have decided to put further development of VB-111 in rGBM on hold at this point. However, we still believe in the biological activity of VB-111 as seen in our Phase 1 and Phase 2 trials, and do not think that results of the particular GLOBE study that investigated VB-111 in combination with bevacizumab in rGBM, will necessarily have implications on the prospects for VB-111 in other tumor types, in different patients populations, or in different regimens.